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Vibrant Junior Golf Charity Website!

10.7.2018 / Website Launch

A small confession about this client; Jeff Cornish, who once worked with Efinitytech is the founder of Grass Roots Junior Golf Charity, and I, Vaughan Seifert am the Board President. Nonetheless; we are truly excited to show off our new site.

The new site is dramatically more appealing and far simpler to navigate, as well as being much easier to manage! The previous version of the site was nearly 10 years old and well overdue for a complete makeover. It is our great pleasure to have this new, attractive and easy to use site. Thank you Aaron McBroom for an incredible and terrific job!

In our Client's Words:

Jeff was literally speechless when we unveiled the new design to him! The dramatic visuals supporting our message as well as the clean, full width design conveys a quality and impression that is incredibly effective and appealing. The reorganization and simplification of the navigation structure make the site far easier to find what you want. The up to date infrastructure makes editing and managing the site much simpler and intuitive. Thank you Efinitytech for this incredible new site!