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Newsletters 2.0!

10.2.2018 /

Due to the combination of client demand and our relentless program of continuous improvement; we have dramatically enhanced Efinitytech's fully integrated Newsletter System. Every aspect of our Newsletter System has been revamped! In fact, this Newsletter is our first using the enhanced system! The improved presentation on mobile devices alone is an incredible benefit.

Reporting, Scheduling, Design Templates, and Rendering on Mobile Devices have all been redeveloped, and improved to function better and provide more effective and impactful Email Digital Marketing! Exciting new options include: Upgraded newsletter templates, time of day scheduling and live monitoring of sending status are all new and superior features that will improve your email marketing!

Finally, the improved Reporting interface is more informative, easier to use and enhances your ability to evaluate the relative effectiveness of each newsletter.

Contact Efinitytech to have our new and improved, fully integrated newsletters installed on your site!

We gratefully acknowledge Brianna Grantham for her help editing this post!