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ABC Membership Directory

6.21.2018 / Case Studies

In Their Words:

"ABC of Western Washington worked with Efinitytech and their team to develop an online membership directory. We had specific requests and the team at Efinitytech worked closely with us to make sure our needs were met. The entire team came together to listen and develop what we needed to make our directory a valuable resource for our membership. Efinitytech held meetings throughout the planning process, checked in often and communicated progress as the project evolved all the way through the final wrap up meeting and presentation to the board of directors and membership."

Wendy Novak, President / CEO
ABC Western Washington


Efinitytech is proud to be an ABC Western Washington Member for over 12 years. I am the longest continuous serving member of the Membership Council, some 12 years, and currently serve on the Board of Directors and on the Golf Committee.

One day some 2 years ago, I needed a Plumber for my now 64 year old home in Edmonds. It occured to me to use the On Line ABC Membership Directory so that i could find a fellow ABC member-Plumber. Little did I know that the antiquated, slow and technically strange system was only updated once per year and extraordinarily, yielded Zero results when I searched for a Plumber! I knew from my well over 10 year involvement with ABC that there were plumbers in the membership! Little did I know that the only way to find a plumber on that strange and dysfunctional system was to know to type in the Category Name which was Plumbing!

That experience compelled me to prepare a comprenhensive Proposal for a truly useful and highly functional Memership Website, which can now be found at abcwestwamembership.org.

It is somewhat illuminating that some 10 years transpired before I sought to use that online system. It was such a dismal system that staff and members preferably used the printed book, which was more functional than that out of date and nearly useless tool! Of course, the printed book was immediately out of date before it even came off the printing press!

Now you know!

One of the unique features of the new Membership Directory is the integration with Google Maps, whereby the Primary locations of the Membership are displayed on an interactive Google Map. This feature has proven to be unexpectedly useful to ABC Western Washington Staff in identifying and helping to visulaize, formulate and identify prospective regional office locations which would effectively serve the needs of ABC Members concentrated in outlying areas. It has also proven invaluable for scheduling efficient member visits, easily enabling the identification of members in a given area.