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Featuring: A Brand New Venue for Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties

5.31.2018 /

Featuring: A Brand New Venue for
Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties


Are you looking for an exciting and beautiful new venue for your Wedding, Corporate Event or Party?  We are very pleased to announce the New Gala Events & Venue Website and Event Venue right here in Monroe! Lisa, the owner and founder, contacted us after searching for a local provider who could design, develop and support a site to promote her new venue.


In Lisa's words:

 "I am so thankful I found Efinitytech! Vaughan Seifert & all of the guys at Efinitytech—Mark, Aaron, Richard—are absolutely wonderful! I could not ask for any better service. They have answered every one of my questions, emails and phone calls promptly.

They are professionals of the highest standards—so helpful. They came up with a design I loved instantly. They go above and beyond with their suggestions and they truly care about MY business, like it was their own. Service like theirs is rare in the business world today.

Thank you guys for a beautiful website and all of your help regarding my business."

Lisa Bitseff Leonardi, Founder & Owner

Gala Events Venue
18318 SR 203
Monroe, WA 98272


Contact Efinitytech to see how we can help your new or existing business venture!

GDPR is in effect!

 As of May 25, 2018, GDPR; the General Data Protection Regulation is in effect:

Are you a multinational corporation? Do you market to customers in the EU? Do you have operations or sales offices in EU countries?

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It is up to you to ensure you are following data practices required by the EU.

Damages for failure to comply are up to 20 Million Euros or 4% of your annual gross sales, whichever is larger!

Fundamentally, the Regulation requires that you keep customer data secure and give customers the ability to opt out and remove their data from your systems at their request.

Further, you must gain explicit agreement from any EU customer to capture their personal data.

Contact us for help in meeting your requirements in this regard! Efinitytech has relationships with expert attorneys to whom we can refer you upon request.

Note: Efinitytech cannot advise nor verify that any specific measures will ensure your compliance with GDPR. Nonetheless, we are happy to help and will provide such support as we are able. We have already instituted measures to aid in compliance and we continue to evaluate and add functionality to our systems to enable you to configure your website and Newsletter settings with the goal of complying with GDPR.