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If You Hadn't Noticed... We Have an All New Efinitytech.com!

5.15.2018 /

If You Hadn't Noticed...
We Have an All New Efinitytech.com!!!

 We are exceedingly pleased to announce our own exciting new website design!

Efinitytech Website Design

"We could not be more pleased with our new website!  We treated ourselves to the same process we use for our customers. Aaron worked diligently to present an initial design concept; from there, we gave him our considered input and feedback. The result is this excellent design which portrays us in a very desirable and highly functional manner. In addition, Rich, Nolan and Aaron have completely and extensively redeveloped our Portfolio to present our projects in a more compelling and more search-visible display.

Thank you guys for a Job Well Done!"

Mark & Vaughan, President & Vice President, Efinitytech

Completely Redesigned HCI Innovations: 
Excellence in Pharmaceutical Sales Training!

Longtime Hosting Clients, Linda Morales and Jim Tremblay of HCI Innovations, AKA (HCI Learning or just HCI), contacted us when they decided their site needed a complete revamp. HCI has been a CMS and Hosting Client of ours for many years. With a looming advertising campaign, they asked for a rush delivery. We cleared our calendar as much as possible and our longtime designer/developer, Aaron McBroom worked nights and weekends to ensure we met their delivery. Thank you Aaron for your excellent and speedy work as well as for those evenings and weekends! We met their launch objectives with a great new design!

HCI Learning Website

The site focuses on their key differentiation in their field. The excellent testimonials from their prestigious clients bolster their leadership in pharmaceutical sales training!

In their words,

"HealthCare Innovations spent the last few months taking a hard look at its external image - from our marketing materials, to social media presence, to our WEBSITE. Across the board, we wanted a new look and feel...something fresh to effectively communicate our business capabilities and value-add. We believed this would stem from a new website. We turned to Efinitytech and gave them a little background on where we were coming from and where we wanted to go. Without hesitation Efinitytech listened to our needs and hit the ground running with the right balance of creativity and content. They captured the personality of HealthCare Innovations with a website design that is crisp and easy to maneuver, yet attention-grabbing with an incisive, robust look and feel. The lead website developer at Efinitytech, Aaron, was easy to work with, and was also extremely responsive to our demands of a short timeline for release. We are very pleased with our newly launched website by Efinitytech; it is professional, it is informative, it is intuitive. Thank you, Vaughan and Aaron!

Linda Morales, Founder & President HCI, Jim Tremblay, VP HCI

Google Goes Mobile First!

As reported in Engadget and elsewhere, Google's mobile-first search indexing is live after a year of testing! This means your mobile site is the primary basis for all Google Searches!

If your site is not mobile responsive or absolutely excellent on phones, now it is critical in order to gain high search ranking!

Additionally, as reported by Wordtracker, as of July 2018, mobile page loading speed will be included in the primary ranking algorithm.

We would be happy to work with you to ensure your site is best presented for Visitors and Searches on Mobile Devices. 

Now is the time to shore up the mobile presentation of your website! Contact us via:

Our Contact Form or Email us at sales@efinitytech.com for help!


We gratefully acknowledge Brianna Grantham for her help editing this newsletter!

Feel free to reach out to her for your content preparation needs.


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