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Proudly Announcing The All New Terrene Homes Website!

6.1.2017 /

Proudly Announcing The All New Terrene Homes Website!

We are extremely pleased to present the redesigned and redeveloped Terrene Homes Website!

Efinitytech worked closely with Wade and his team to prepare an outstanding website design to showcase their beautiful homes! In addition, we built a comprehensive website property administration system to enable them to easily add new neighborhoods, update individual properties status and provides automated functionality enabling the website visitor to produce PDFs of specific properties on demand!


 See more of our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

In their words;

"Thank you so much for the work your team did to create our new website.  We are super excited for the final product.  Your team did an outstanding job of creating the imagery and functionality we were looking for.   Your team was able to understand the ins and outs of our unique business very quickly and was able design the site to work perfectly with our sales and marketing process.  We couldn't be happier with the end result."

Wade Metz
General Manager
Terrene Homes 

Google Street View Not Up To Par?

Did the Google "drive by" photo leave your business with a less than desirable visual on Google's Street View? Do you want your signage and place of business to be up to date and or better presented on Google Maps? 

Don't know? Check; Google Maps and type in your Business Name!

We are fortunate to have a relationship with Lee Alley, a local, (North Seattle), commercial photographer who is a Trusted Google Partner, and is authorized to directly update your Google Street View images!

Contact Lee via his Website nwbusinessphoto.com to engage his services.

         This Before and After of Live Well Dental Center illustrates the difference Lee can make.

 LiveWellDentalGoogleStreetViewBefore1 LiveWellDentalGoogleStreetViewAfter1 
Google's Original Street View 
The Business is nowhere to be seen
Updated Street View 
Clearly Visible Storefront


How To Rank Above #1! ...Google Answers Continued


What Questions Does Your Website Answer?

We worked with Trumark Athletics to develop their content, not only so their site would achieve high Google Search ranking, but also to answer searchers questions - this causes Trumark's website to appear in the Google answers box or Rank 0!

The Google answer box appears above all other organic listings as a quick response that Google deems can answer the searchers question. 

The obvious benefit to this location on Google is that your website can rank above the First Place organic websites by focusing on answering the user's question, rather than simply working to rank highly for a specific keyword. 

Our continued focus with Trumark Athletics has brought them great success with 115 key phrases in the top 10 of Google's organic search results, making their website the number 1 resource for Soccer, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse and Rugby field layouts. 

Google Answers  

How Important Is Your Website Copy?

Efinitytech is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with a professional Writer and Marketer! Brianna J. Grantham has generously provided copy editing for this edition of our Newsletter. She improved many passages and corrected a surprising number of grammatical and spelling errors.

Many of our clients struggle to produce written content for their websites and we recommend Brianna's Services for this crucial work. You may contact Brianna via www.bjg-consulting.com. 

Contact us to see how Efinitytech's Custom Business Websites and Consulting Services can help your business!