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VSM Update Notice: Ecommerce Update for Shipping

3.15.2017 / Support, All

We've recently made an update to the VSM ecommerce platform that may have an impact on your site management.  It's related to the way that box sizes are referenced for shipping.  Previously there was a dropdown where you could select the volume that a box would fill.  Many customers found this confusing and it also limited the number of items that could be put into a box at 64. 

We've modified this to allow you to simply put in how many of a particular product will fit into a box using an input field that replaces the previous dropdown.  This should be much easier to understand and use.

This update only applies to real-time shipping and custom shipping with defined box sizes.  Other shipping methods, such as purchase based or order level, are not affected by this update.

If you have any questions or concerns please:

Contact us at 360-805-8483, or use our contact form.