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April 2015 Newsletter

4.1.2015 /

eClinicalOS - flexible, cost-efficient EDC that gets your trials online faster

eClinicalOS (eCOS) offers inherent benefits in its cloud-based EDC software solution, providing all of the study support you need. The platform seamlessly integrates a wide range of modules, which makes it a highly flexible and scalable solution. This means you can choose only the features you need, configure them precisely to your workflow, and implement the solution alongside other platforms. What's more significant is that you only pay for the modules you use when you use them, so you optimize both your capabilities and budget.

Designing and launching a study has never been easier. In fact, eClinicalOS can get you up and running in days instead of months. With an easy-to-learn, intuitive interface, eCOS offers unparalleled choice in how you design and who builds your study.

Meet us at DIA EuroMeeting and BioIT World to learn how your trials can take flight with eCOS.

Merge eClinical to Speak on Big Data at DIA EuroMeeting 2015 and BIO IT World

While the vast majority of trials today are still conducted in Western Europe, North America and Japan, the growth of clinical research in emerging markets is accelerating. Some experts predict that within five years, the number of studies in markets such as China, India, Eastern Europe and the Middle East will be nearly equal to that of the U.S. and Europe combined.

Zaher El-Assi, president of Merge eClinical, will present "Big Data in a Small World: Exercising Control in Global Clinical Trials."

This presentation will explore:

+ How advances in IT and communications are strengthening researchers' ability to exercise the control needed to ensure successful and cost-efficient studies on a global stage.

+ Factors fueling the globalization of clinical trials, including the need to find patients for rare disease studies or in response to the spread of "Western diseases" such as heart disease and cancer.

+ Benefits of global studies, including faster patient recruitment, operational cost savings and expanded brand exposure for future therapies.

+ The challenges of conducting trials in emerging markets, such as complex regulations, inadequate infrastructure, lack of skilled research professionals, and communication and cultural barriers.

+ How digital data management is helping to erode long-standing barriers in global trials and enable a wider array of research organizations to compete effectively regardless of size or location.