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November 2014 Newsletter

11.1.2014 /

Thank You From Efinitytech!

We are very thankful for our valued clients. Your continuing and new business has sustained our growth and enabled us to provide excellent support and projects for every client.

Featured Website

Please join us in congratulating SCORR Marketing & Life Con Ex on their Award Winning website! We very are proud of the development and happy to present this project to you.

Award Winning* 
SCORR Marketing Design

Efinitytech Development** 
Custom Parallax Display

* See this Website Award and many others: http://www.scorrmarketing.com/awards.aspx

** See more of our featured clients: http://www.efinitytech.com/old-website-portfolio.aspx

Google Poodle?

No kidding! This is a serious security vulnerability. Efinitytech has secured all sites with vulnerable SSL's. POODLE acronym stands for: (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption). Sites with this Vulnerability were open to hacking compromise.

Afraid Of The Next Google Update?

Perhaps someone engaged in procuring back links to your site that would be considered "unnatural" by Google. There is a method; here that Google has promulgated to disclaim these links. However, there could be a downside to using the tool. Submitting alerts Google to the sending site and that you might have engaged in questionable link building.

The lesson is; Stick with "White Hat" SEO Fundamentals and watch those who try to scam Google go down in flames while you thrive and are rewarded for your good practices!

VSM: Did You Know?

Continuous Improvement for your VSM Website Hosted by Efinitytech includes:

  1. Lifetime Major Browser Compatibility 
  2. Code Updates for older sites

GOOGLE "2.0" Talk With Google?

Would you like to attend a conference at Efinitytech with a Google Adwords Evangelist?

Yup, a real person, who actually works at Google in their Adwords Group! As an "Agency" with existing Adwords clients and potentially more; we have unparalleled access to our own Google Adwords Evangelist, who will be happy to entertain your questions..

Just email support@efinitytech.com and let us know if you are interested. We are tentatively planning it for the first or second week of December.