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August 2014 Newsletter

8.1.2014 /

Seahawks Preseason Begins

Go Hawks! Of course we love our hometown team. Fortunately winning or losing only counts in the regular season. Wishing everyone another exciting football season.

Featured Websites

We are pleased to present the Jorgensen Golf and Sanitech website relaunches! Jorgensen Golf and Sanitech are longtime, valued clients of Efinitytech.

Jorgensen Golf

Custom Redesign
Integrated Custom Software 
Reporting Tournament Results


Custom Redesign
Custom Fully Integrated &
Searchable Google Map

See more of our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

Google Map Integration With Your Resources!

As demonstrated on Sanitech's Website: http://www.sanitech.net/sanitech-dealers.aspx

A great way to display your resources geographically and link to them directly from a Custom Google Map interface on your Website! Please contact us at: support@efinitytech.com to implement this great feature on your website.

SPAM!!! We Hate It As Much As You Do!

In the ever escalating war with the SPAM criminals, in June we purchased and installed a brand new state-of-the-art anti spam blocking server! This dedicated server and its continuously updated software, examines 100% of emails in and out of our system. This new appliance both blocks incoming SPAM and prevents our clients that become compromised from sending SPAM. This latter feature greatly expands our defenses and protects our system and our clients from unwittingly sending SPAM and being blacklisted.

The primary blocking of incoming Spam has been greatly improved with a minimum of blocking of good emails. We hope you are as satisfied with this improvement as we are. The amount of SPAM blocked in both directions is significant and by saving our clients from sending out SPAM from compromised computers we not only help ourselves and our clients, we help everyone else as well!

Please let us know how it is working for you.

VSM: Announcing Fully Integrated Blogs On Your Domain

So; what is the big deal? Two things: First, management of your Blog and Postings from VSM, where you manage your website. Second, all the Blog content is now on your Domain. This means all your Blog traffic and content improve the search visibility of your website, not some other domain. So, for those of you who can and will blog on a consistent basis, keep on Blogging! And greatly improve the benefit to your website with a fully integrated Blog on your domain.

Website Form Submissions In VSM

If you rely on email to know and receive submissions from your website forms, you may be missing important submissions. Do you know that the submissions are stored in your VSM database for you to view and export? Email is the least reliable form of communication that you could depend upon. With every passing day, email becomes less reliable as everyone has multiple levels of spam blocking and internet providers have been known to arbitrarily change protocols, block ports, and many subscribe to black lists.

As a matter of practice, if you expect to receive submissions, yet do not see email notifications, do log in to VSM and look for your form submissions. Then, if you see there have been submissions which have not gotten to your email inbox, contact us for help in diagnosing the cause.

Any of these circumstances can stop email from getting to you! Astonishingly, but not coincidentally, as I write this article, three of our clients contacted us with questions about form submissions and did not realize they were stored in VSM for them!

Google Analytics... Do You Have Them On Your Site?

Efinitytech has discontinued VSM Webstats. We strongly encourage and recommend that you utilize Google Analytics or other tracking of your choice. We will install the necessary codes. Once in place, we can consult with you to further understand your Google Analytics Data and work with you to increase your Website Search Rank, Traffic and Business! Contact us to see how we can work with you at: support@efinitytech.com or just call!

Hundreds Of Thousands Of WordPress Sites At Risk

"Critical WordPress plugin bug affects hundreds of thousands of sites". This is a real headline and risk for WordPress Sites. See the article and real risk below.


The reports indicate that the particular developer was notified, however they were unresponsive. The WordPress Security team stepped in and have a patch. The website owner must implement the patch. There is no automated update, there is no support. All of the affected sites are vulnerable to complete loss of administrative control to hackers.

This scenario, is illustrative of the risks of Open Source software. No one is responsible for it. "Open Source" should more properly be called "Software in the Wild". Where no one is responsible, it is a grave risk for any company to rely upon or use such software. Many knowledgeable companies will not utilize open source software for just this kind of reason.