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September 2012 Newsletter

9.24.2012 / SEO, Website Launch

Bed Voyage

Custom Website Design
Advanced E-Commerce
VSM Content Management

DC Building

Non Flash Gallery Displays
SEO Consulting
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Woodinville Florist

Custom Website Design
Advanced E-commerce
VSM Content Management

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Adaptive Mobile & Tablet Designs

Today, approximately 20% of all web traffic is from mobile devices!

These Efinitytech websites feature integrated adaptive designs that automatically reformat to the best display for phones, tablets, or computers. Browse them on each device to see the difference.


Note: websites developed by Efinitytech no longer incorporate the use of flash, as it is not supported on most phones or tablets. Flash is also a great drain on battery life, and slows page load dramatically. If you would like us to redevelop your site without flash, let us know!

Contact sales@efinitytech.com to have your site displayed optimally on phones and tablets!

Scheduled Webpage Publishing

Have you been in the position to launch sensitive new information on your website at a specific day & time; like at 4:00 am Monday morning?

Scheduled page publishing is available for all VSM users!

To use this feature, save your updates to the working page, then in the editor control bar, select advanced, then click "Set Date" on the scheduled publish in the bottom left corner. Pick the date and time from the calendar and click "Save Adv". You are finished! Sleep in or take that early flight knowing your timely update will be in place when you want it!

Note: The time zone is pacific time. Also notice that the icon for "Publish" now shows a clock face in the green arrow, to indicate that the page is on a schedule to be published.

SEO Corner

Panda & Penguin... Favorite black and white animals? New at the zoo? Not exactly; these are the names of two separate enhancements / initiatives that our friends at Google have implemented to improve search results. Turns out that Panda is named for the Google engineer who had a lot to do with the update. It seems that Google so liked the black and white animal name that penguin was the natural successor!

The objective of the Panda update is to determine the "Quality" of a website, based on attributes such as: uniqueness, design & presentation, quality of content, user experience, and stickiness of the website from measures such as bounce rate,time on site, etc..

The objective of the Penguin update is to downgrade "Spammy" websites. These being sites that engage in tactics such as link schemes, doorway pages, duplicate content and keyword packing. Obvious paid links from sites of low quality with no intrinsic purpose would be included.

What does this mean to you? We are reminded of a very old ad campaign from the 70's, by Smith Barney, the theme being, "We make money the old fashioned way; we earn it!" The very good news is that the search optimization methods we employ and recommend are in good standing with these initiatives by Google. We can help you increase your site visibility and conversion of traffic through a combination of site design, development, and appropriate keyphrase integration. Of course it is important to remember that search optimization and website marketing is a process, not an event. Ongoing work and development of your site is crucial to its success. 

Efinitytech will be happy to work with you to help you achieve your website objectives.