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December 2011 Newsletter

12.1.2011 /

VSM 7 Keeps you ahead!

Take Advantage of Webpage URL Editing

Among the myriad features of VSM 7 is the new ability to modify the URL of an existing Web Page! 

Why is this important? It turns out that our 'Friends" at Google, Bing & Yahoo, highly value the match of a Keyphrase search to the Page URL. So, if you have an existing page and discover that the best match for Search is different; you can now change the URL!

What is also exceptional is that VSM will automatically update all internal links on the website, including the navigation and very significantly, VSM creates a page map redirect for the old URL to the New URL. That means any external links to the old URL will be automatically redirected to the new page. We go to this trouble, because a new URL is basically an entirely new page. Both your site visitors who have bookmarked your existing page and Search Engines will then seamlessly find the new page. The Search Engines will also automatically update their indices when they encounter the redirect. This makes your site more friendly to the Search Engines, as they do not have to "figure things out" when a page disappears and another one is where it was and looks similar.

To use this feature, go the page editor, select advanced properties, edit the URL, then save advanced, then republish. That is all you have to do! VSM 7 does the rest. This enhancement is another example of how VSM 7 helps keep you ahead in Search.

Domain expiration on your VSM 7 dashboard

In the center of your Dashboard, below the Site Usage, Your Domain Expiration is displayed.

Every year, at least once, and almost always on a weekend, we get a panic call from a client telling us their website is down and their email no longer works.

After a brief scramble, we then find their domain has expired. Often the domain is in the name of some long gone employee with an obsolete personal email address.

The domain renewal process can be quick and easy, or slow and arduous depending on several things, but primarily it is the domain registrar which is the biggest variable in resurrecting the domain. If Efinitytech or Network Solutions is your domain registrar, there is no issue and it will typically take minutes to remedy the problem. If, however, you use other prominent registrars, like some with sexy ads or others in Australia; you can have a very serious problem, which can take weeks to resolve, depending upon your access to certain information. Be sure to renew your domain well before it expires. And... Renew it for 5 or more years. Google likes that!

Completely re-designed e-commerce dashboard

* See Up-to-Date Current Month Sales
* Check Recent Orders
* See Alerts for Problem Products
* Compare Sales to Prior Months
* See Your Most Popular Items
* Monitor Errored Orders for Problems
* View Orders in Progress
Newsletter administration enhancements

Now In Newsletter Scheduler: You can directly open a preview of the scheduled page and go directly to edit the page without having to navigate to other parts of VSM & for these tasks. Another new feature enables Sending to Multiple Groups in a Single Scheduled Newsletter Send; we even make sure that the recipients who belong to more than one group only receive one copy of the newsletter. And, due directly to a client request you can now manage Subscribers 50 at a time and move general subscribers into groups.

What else is new at Efinitytech?

Mobile Apps
Efinitytech is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Nathan Cassano. Nathan is an experienced App developer. Nathan works in our office and is looking forward to App development with Efinitytech!

We want your input & feedback!

Please let us know how we can help you. We continuously improve and enhance VSM 7 to work better for you and for ourselves. Your feedback and requests for features gives us great input for the enhancements list. Are there things we can do to help make your Website Work better? Are there things that we can do to help make your VSM 7 experience more productive?

PS. Stay tuned for Adaptive / Responsive Website Design 
Make your website display desirably in any device or browser window size.

Contact support@efinitytech.com to let us know how we can help you.