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Benefits of Accessibe ADA Compliance Site Enhancement

8.21.2023 / Case Studies, All

Accessibe ADA Compliance!

Enhance Access to Your Site, Minimize Lawsuit Exposure,
Gain Litigation Support, & Small Business ADA Tax Credit!

What do The Seattle School District and Bed Voyage have in common?

They were both sued under the Americans with Disability Act, which surprisingly enough applies to Websites, due to the fact that their websites lacked support for those with Visual Disabilities.

Seattle settled for nearly Two Hundred Thousand Dollars!

Bed Voyage is negotiating for a much smaller settlement.


Efinitytech Uses & Provides Accessibe for its Clients
Click/Tap the Wheelchair Icon on our Site!

With Accessibe You Gain:

  1. Additional Satisfied Visually Impaired Visitors
  2. Greatly Reduced Lawsuit Risk which is invaluable
  3. Legal Litigation Support worth Thousands
  4. The ADA Tax Credit for small entities as an Added Bonus

An Efinitytech Website Client with a typical website can have the Accessibe Utility for $50/month!*

*Note: Independently programming & supporting such a system would be cost prohibitive.

If you would like to elevate the availability of your website
email Vaughan at sales@efinitytech.com or Call or Text 425.737.8586.

Thank you!