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April 2010 Newsletter

Presenting VSM Newsletter Tracking! 
Tracks Receipts, Clicks, Views and Bounces! Invalid email addresses are reported so you can clean up your email list. Go to your Newsletter History and view the Report and Log for each send!

If you are not using a Newsletter on your VSM Site, please contact us at to enhance your site with the number one utility for Website self promotion!

Announcing VSM Website Launches!
Congratulations to these Site Launches:

NW Wind & Solar; This exciting website promotes the new Division of SME Inc of Seattle is the culmination of extensive work by the SME team and Efinitytech.;

Completely Redesigned Hawken

Redesigned and Enhanced Applied Filter Technologies

Charitable Website Redeveloped with VSM Content Management
What's New in VSM!
Advanced Photo Gallery tool. Configure and Style your Photo Gallery for Dynamic Flash Presentations! Read the help page!

Coming Soon...
Frequently requested: Friendly Page Names!

A Complete Overhaul of the VSM Interface to be fundamentally easier to use and intuitive. Email if you wish to be a beta reviewer!

Did you know?

VSM's Image & Document Libraryprovides Multiple File upload capability and multiple image resizing and Folder organization for your files and photos. (Uses Microsoft's Silverlight browser plug in, if prompted, go ahead and install)

SEO via VSM:
 Have you checked Google's Free Adwords Database? 
Go to: GoogleKewordsExternal 
Seed the search with your fundamental keyword/phrase and see what people are searching for. Then incorporate the important phrases into your site and watch traffic and conversions increase! 
2. Have you built & titled pages for the most important Keyphrases?
3. Have you updated and added to your content recently?
VSM is your key to winning at search and increasing business from your website!
Email for advice or help with SEO. Call 360.805.8483
Associated Builders and Contractors, ABC, promotes the principles of free enterprise and merit in the construction industry. Efinitytech is a proud member of ABC and has benefited directly and indirectly from our membership.