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Chris Cunningham founded Light Ray UVC to provide Disinfection Service & Equipment! It is our good fortune that he chose Efinitytech to Design, Develop, Host, Optimize and Support his site! 

Starting a new venture and launching a new website is a demanding task. Chris has other ongoing ventures which enable him to form, market and sustain this new business. We are working diligently to Optimize his Ads, Develop his Content and to achieve effective positioning in Search!

Should you be interested in UVC Light Disinfection Service or UVC Light Equipment, please visit his website and give Chris a call!


  • Custom Design
  • SEO/SEM Optimization
  • Content Management (efinityCMS)

In Their Words

Efinitytech team was easy to work with; met every deadline and offered sound suggestions that added to the quality of my new website LightRay UVC.   

Looking forward to getting started on my 2nd website build with them.

Chris Cunningham/LightRay UVC