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Pharmas Almanac

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The Pharma's Almanac project for That's Nice is the redevelopment and coalescence of 7 data intensive sites into one central site on a completely new platform.

The new site, and HubSpot platform along with our uniquely integrated software and database enable That's Nice to effectively manage and monetize their services for their clients. We’re also proud to say this project is the single largest contract in the history of EfinityTech!


  • Custom Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO/SEM Optimization
  • API Integration
  • User Login
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Integrated Marketing Design

In Their Words

We provided millions of data points to Efinity, which they actually merged in a single data source, programmed dozens of tracking functions, and built a dual back up server to handle the anticipated site traffic. Our visitors and sponsors can now search and view hundreds of featured company profiles, search authors, topics and hundreds of articles as well as access our six market data bases.

To measure success, we successfully maintained site visit levels constant, and higher, than pre-migration. Not only do we have almost two thousand visits per week, we have had minimal issues, and Efinity even found a way to increase our site processing speed.

Maybe most importantly, the Efinity Tech team is always thinking for us, proposing improvements and are super responsive. We feel that we have brought a one-of-a-kind web experience to our market because of the real customer focus, data management expertise, and web experience of Efinity.

Guy Tiene
Strategic Content Director
That's Nice