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We are very pleased to announce the launch of BCABookkeeping.com!

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Custom Website Design by Efinitytech New Website Domain & SEO

Among BCA's objectives were to rebrand and retarget their business to more accurately reflect their services. The new site more effectively promotes and clearly identifies their primary and secondary lines of business.

In the very short term BCA reports that they are getting more phone calls from the new site.

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Website Domain Change!

Bothell Bookkeeping on Google

The rest of the story... BCA Bookkeeping.com's previous site was housed at the domain BCAConsultingLLC.com. Not only did that fail to effectively convey their primary line of business, it was a generic domain that implied they provided business consulting, which they do not.  In addition, the domain suffered from the inclusion of the form of their incorporation, LLC, which could easily become obsolete if the company changed to a "c corp" for example. BCA's new domain, BCABookkeeping.com accurately reflects their primary business service and improves search relevance for bookkeeping related searches.

The launch of the new site under the new domain, while maintaining search rank and traffic was the crux of this site redevelopment. Their existing search rank was number 1 on google for several key search phrases! They were very reluctant to risk losing any ranking or traffic, even in the short term.

In our 16 years experience, we have managed a significant number of website domain changes. Usually this entails a temporary dip in traffic and search visibility.  For well developed sites, this is followed by an improvement in visibility, rank and traffic, which can take on the order of two months. 

In this case BCA  hired Efinitytech to provide SEO at the outset of the project to explicitly mitigate any drop as a result of the transition, as well as to have the site improve its effectiveness at converting business. With care, diligence and thorough application of our expertise, we managed to redesign and relaunch the site at the new domain and not lose any visibility nor suffer any loss or dip in traffic from the transition and in fact, the search visibility of the new site is even better, with some keyphrase searches yielding search rank of #1, #2, and #3 positions, virtually dominating page one on Google! This is quite a remarkable and excellent result.

The key takeaway from this launch is that one does not have to suffer through a domain change transition dip, in fact, with the application of the right resources, the site can improve virtually immediately after the change.

Do contact us if you would like to improve your website domain and search rank, as well as better promote your business on the web! Not only is there no downside, you can see immediate improvement!

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Video has become more important and more commonplace in websites. Whether your video is on YouTube or Vimeo or served directly from your Website itself. 

VSM Website content management has many features which we realize that some of our Clients do not remember how to use or even that they can do themselves!

To learn how to do this, log into vsm and then follow this tutorial to embed videos.

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