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Thanks to our terrific clients, we are excited to close a successful 2014 and kickoff 2015.

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Please join us in congratulating Mark Von Der Burg & VDB Estates on the launch of their excellent website! 

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Dramatically Enhanced VSM Ecommerce Reporting

Now, our VSM Ecommerce clients enjoy greatly enhanced reporting! Go to your Ecommerce Dashboard and select the Sales Reporting Button.

View and compare Annual Sales & Monthly Sales by Dollars and Units as well as see your top 30 selling products by Month and Year!

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SEO - SEM - Design & Newsletters

Efinitytech has over 10 years of SEO experience. We have helped nearly all of our clients directly or indirectly by providing a continuously improved Content Management System and through ongoing browser upgrades and code enhancement for our VSM websites.

Occasionally we are asked to "optimize" a site to increase it's traffic. This is arguably a worthwhile undertaking; however, unless the new visitors encounter a quality design and presentation of content, the outcome is likely to be disappointing.

Conversions...How are my customers responding?

The goal of any such undertaking should be to increase business, (aka conversions) by providing value to the visitor. Value can mean a sale, new information, or good references and results delivered for your clients by your work, which will engender trust and confidence in the prospective new customer.

How does design play into this discussion? Design is an obviously fundamental aspect of your site. However, even good designs begin to show their age in a few years. On the Web, you are easily and immediately compared to your competitors in seconds! Roughly speaking, you have some 3 seconds to make a good impression on your visitor. Going to the trouble to gain new visitors and presenting them with a lackluster design is clearly wasteful.

SEO, SEM, what's the difference?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This encompasses a vast array of aspects of your website.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) relates to the marketing of your website through Search Engines, usually including paid advertizing. So what does all this mean to you, the site owner?

Your site needs proper architecture to achieve a high valuation by Search Engines. This is a combination of technical aspects, including: coding, speed of loading, logical organization, a functional navigation system, etc..  Secondly, and most importantly is content, which is foundational. Your site content must be up to date, well written, thorough and original. Providing content to the visitor is fundamentally critical. Think of a newspaper with the same old stories.

With those aspects of your site in good order your site will rank well on searches. Then with a clean, attractive and up to date design, a meaningful call to action and value proposition; in those 3 seconds you have to make an impression on a new or returning visitor, you will gain traffic and potentially new business, instead of the dreaded bounce! That scenario over time will generate traffic and business. 

What can I do right now?

However; what if you are impatient; which you should be! How can you directly drive traffic to your site?

This is where Newsletters shine! You can be certain that your inbox would not be filled with enticing offers if they were not extraordinarily worthwhile. Newsletters are the single most effective and immediate activity that you can undertake which you can use to directly drive traffic to your site! Simply gather your list of contacts, import them into your VSM Newsletter subscriber list, write your useful and compelling communication and then send!

As a marketing tool, nothing is more effective, nor as inexpensive as a newsletter from your website...period. It is by far and away the best marketing tool you could ever ask for and the cost is miniscule! If you do not have a newsletter on your VSM website; send an email to: sales@efinitytech.com. If you do have a newsletter on your site, use it. And, if your newsletter contains valuable content, post the page to your site, thereby gaining additional search engine credit for your new content!

And of course, we can help

Contact us to see how Efinitytech's Integrated Newsletters can benefit your website!