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Efinitytech is pleased to recommend and promote the Credit Card Processing Services provided by Sherri Lino.
in her words:

We love the convenience of using and accepting cards. However, from the Merchant’s perspective, not only can it be expensive, just try to read the statements and understand the fees!

What you may not realize is that for transaction processing entities: banks, and third parties, Credit card processing is a significant source of profit. This is why many of these companies do not want Merchants to readily understand their programs or their statements. There is no TILA for Merchants. In addition, banks and processors do not tell you they historically have two rate increases per year; usually done in such a way that subtly increases your costs 1-2% in just a very short time.

As a Consultant in the industry, I can streamline your understanding of the rates and see if you are being “nickeled and dimed” with surcharges, extra transaction fees and other unnecessary line items on your statement. Those “nickels and dimes” can add up to thousands of dollars. One recent comparison with a Merchant doing about $140K a year in processing volume revealed over $2,100 of inflated rates and hidden fees being charged by his bank. This was pure extra profit made by the bank that needed to be trimmed and put back in the Merchant’s bottom line.

In just a few minutes, I can show a Merchant how to find the right program, read their statement, understand what “PCI” is all about, and evaluate where to cut the costs. By going direct, usually 15-20% can be saved. A “fixed rate plan” is much more cost effective than programs that start low and then aggressively raise their rates.

There are so many ways to process cards these days…there is no reason to be overpaying on your processing!

You are welcome to call or email for a free consultation. I can evaluate which program is best for you and how to start saving!

Sherri Lino, Broker
Electronic Commerce
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