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How to set up Thunderbird email

  1. Download and install the Mozilla Thunderbird from
  2. First, Thunderbird needs to know if you are setting up a mail or newsgroup account. Select "Email account" and click "Next."

    tb setup1
  3. You will be prompted to provide your name and email address. The name you provide here will be displayed to recipients of your outbound mail. Click "next" to continue.

    tb setup2
  4. You will be prompted to provide information about the mail servers.
         - The incoming mail server is a POP or IMAP server
         - The "Incoming Server" is
         - The "Outgoing Server" is

    Click "next" to continue.

    tb setup3
  5. You will be prompted to provide the user name for your incoming and outgoing mail servers. This is simply your FULL EMAIL. Click "next" to continue.

    tb setup4
  6. You will be prompted to provide a name for this set of preferences. By default this will be the email address you provided earlier.

    Click "next" to continue.

    tb setup5
  7.  You will be prompted to confirm your settings. Carefully review each entry. If any information here is incorrect, click the "back" button until you are prompted to re-enter the incorrect information. Once you are satisfied that there are no typos, click "finish" to complete the initial setup.

    Confirm your settings

    tb setup6

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