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Editing groups

Go to the Groups tab on the VSM menu bar.

Select the Group Manager category under the tab.

Group Manager Screenshot

All the groups are listed under the Group Manager page alphabetically.

Once you find the group you want to edit, click the edit icon on the right hand side corresponding with that group.

Group Editor Screenshot

An edit page will pop up.

At the top of the page are four different tabs.

Be sure to click the green Save button before going to a different tab.

Under the appearance tab, insert the following information:

  1. You can change the name of your group or leave it as listed.
  2.  The profile page is the page they will be taken to when logged in.
  3.  The Query String is generally set up by Efinity as an internal reference.
  4. Check this box is you want the group to be listed as a forum group. It will be used for the forum system.
  5. Any user added to this group will be automatically approved and won't need to go through a registration or approval process.

Once you are satisfied with the updated information, click the green Save button.

This may refresh your page but will not close it.

Next, click the Ecom tab. (If you are satisfied with the information under any tab and don't need to edit it, go to the next tab without changing anything. You do not need to click the Save button, but can if you want to. It will just make sure the information previously listed is secure.)

Group Editor Ecom Screenshot

1. Edit the internal name. You can add the name, change it or leave it blank if desired.

2. Insert or edit the minimum amount a member can spend in one checkout using the arrows.

3. Check this box if you don't want shipping amount added to order when the client is logged in.

4. No shipping will be calculated on the order for the user.

Once you have edited the information to your satisfaction, click the green Save button.

Go to the Rules tab.

Group Editor Rules Screenshot

Using the drop down arrow, select either 'No' or 'Yes' under each of the following categories.

1. By selecting 'Yes', the members of your group will be sent a random password through their email. Once logged in, they will be required to change their password.

2. Select 'Yes' if you want to allow POs and 'NO' if you don't.

3. Use the drop down arrow to choose the PO term.

PO Terms Screenshot

4. Select 'Yes' if you want to allow the address to be included in the checkout process.

Once you input all the information, click the green Save button to ensure your changes are updated.

Click the Files tab.

Group Editor Files Screenshot

To upload any files, simply click the grey box (as stated above) OR drag any files onto the grey outlined box.

Group Files Screenshot

Once uploaded, the file will appear in the box. Repeat this process as many times as needed.

Select the green Save button to make sure the changes update. Click the green Save and Close button to save your changes and immediately close the page.

To view the files inserted into the group, select the blue button below the image upload box (View this group's files).

File Manager Screenshot

You will be directed to the File Manager page (under in a new tab.

NOTE: The pop up page will still be open and the changes you made will be saved.

There, listed below Files, are the existing files/images and the newly uploaded fies/images.

The changes you made will update in the group. If you renamed your group, it may appear in a different place under the Group Manager as all of the groups are listed alphabetically.

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