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Editing Reminder Settings

Go to the Events tab on the VSM menu bar.

Under the tab, select the Reminder Settings category.

Reminder Settings Screenshot

Edit all of the information desired.

  1. You can change from the recipient name by using the drop down arrow.
  2. Input what you want the subject to be when the reminder is sent via email.
  3. Type your email message.
  4. Insert how many days you want the email send before the event.
  5. You may add a second reminder by inserting how many days you want the recipient to get the email before the event. This can be skipped by leaving a zero if you don't want a second reminder.
  6. To remove the reminder page, select the page using the drop down arrow.

Once you have edited the settings to fit your preferences, scroll down and click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.

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