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How to import group members

Go to the Groups tab on the VSM menu bar.

Select the Group Manager category under the Groups tab.

Group Manager List Screenshot

At the Group Manager page, click the grey import button in the top right hand corner.

You will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Group Member Import Screenshot

The directions on how to use the page are displayed above the information box. Read through the information thoroughly to ensure you understand how to format your information.

In order to insert information, you must copy and paste it from excel (as highlighted in red above).

Follow the example given to format your group member information. 

Directly below the box (where you copy and paste the information you have from excel), there's a check box that says "create group if it doesn't exist"

Check this box if you want to import a group member into a group that is currently not set up. This will add the group. The member you import will be the only member in the group. 

Click the blue Show Preview button. A row will pop up below the button (the page will likely refresh before) with the information pasted in the box above.

If you are missing any information, a yellow, highlighted column will appear (as seen above). It will also state that the row will be skipped upon import.

To make sure no information is skipped upon import, go back to the box above and fill in the missing information, making sure to follow the correct format.

Click the Show Preview button again to see your updated information. Repeat until you are satisfied with the information listed.

If you scroll further down, there's more information:

Values Screenshot

The information listed further down the page is provided to explain what to put under each placeholder inserted into the cell above.

Each number corresponds with the superscript next to the information listed above the cell (i.e. Customer Shipping has a superscript 2 next to the name. This corresponds with the 2. Values allowed written below the cell).

  1.  This is for Allow POs. You can put 0-3 values.
  2.  This correspondes to Customer Shipping. Select the shipping.
  3.  This is for the tax exempt. Select whether you want values allowed.
  4.  In order to separate group names, use commas.
  5. Do not use quetes in the box where you insert your information.

Insert the information into the cell box, continuing to follow the same format and separating information by commas.

Once you have filled out all the information to fit your group member, scroll back up to the preview.

 Import Screenshot

Next to the Show Preview button is the yellow Import button. 

Select the Import button to successfully import your group member.

Groups Screenshot

On the Group Manager page, there is a list of all the groups in alphabetical order. Your group member will be listed within that group.

Click the blue members icon corresponding with the correct group.

Group Members Screenshot

Your imported group member will be listed in the group.




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