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How to schedule a newsletter

Go to the 'Schedule' tab under 'Newsletters'.

Select the blue 'Add Scheduled Newsletter' button.

Scheduled Newsletters Screenshot

 Once selected, a page to edit or add a schedule will pop up.

Schedule Add/Edit Screenshot

1. Choose which newsletter page you want to schedule by clicking the arrow next to the preview button.

2. Input the desired subject for the newsletter.

3. On some mail clients, the preview text will display below the subject line. This is an optional step.

4. Fill in the 'Sender Name' box with the value that you would like to have the email come from.

5. Select the desired date for the newsletter to be sent out.

6. Choose the 'Email Server' by clicking the arrow.


Email Server Screenshot

Under 'Return Path' choose the same server as the selected 'Email Server' 

An opt out link will accompany every newsletter. The check box provisions an immediate opt out or the ability for the recipient to manage opt out options.

Subscribers and Groups Screenshot

You can either send the scheduled newsletter to all subscribers by checking 'All Subscribers' or you can send to specific groups.

Lastly, select 'Save Schedule' to save your changes. If you are editing an existing schedule, you can select 'Save Schedule as New' to save the changes as a new schedule without replacing the schedule originally edited.

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