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FTP Login Issues

I'm unable to Log in via FTP

If you're having problems logging into your FTP site, please verify the following information:

  1. The FTP Host. It is typically the same as your domain name but begins with "ftp." instead of "www.", such as
  2. The FTP Port. Because of security reasons we use port 1560.
  3. The FTP Username. It should begin with "FTP-such as FTP-User.
  4. The FTP password. You must use the correct lower and upper cases. If you are missing your hostname, username or password, contact customer support at

If you have verified all your settings, try the following steps using the Windows ftp client to make sure you are logging in correctly.

  1. Open a dos/command prompt
  2. Enter "ftp hostname" [enter]
  3. Enter your username [enter]
  4. Enter your password [enter]
  5. If you can log in, then verify your settings in your ftp program. If you can't log in, contact customer support at

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