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How to import subscribers

Go to the 'Import Subscribers' tab under 'Newsletters'.

Newsletter Subscribers Import Screenshot

1. Select the group you want to import subscribers into.

2. Check the box if you only want to update subscribers.This will not import any new subscribers, only update information on existing subscribers already in the system.

3. Check the box if you only want to remove subscribers from the group.

4. Select the delimiter you want. If you're copying directly from excel or a spreadsheet, use the tab delimiter.

5. The fields shows all possible information. You can click the 'none' tab if you do not need a specific field.

6. By clicking the drop down arrow on any of the fields, you can change the order of the fields to fit the sequence needed.

7. Input all the

8. Click the blue 'Show Preview' button to see what the row will look like (see below).

Preview Screenshot

After selecting the 'Show Preview' button, the previewal display and the import button will be shown. Click the import button to execute the result.

Preview Import Screenshot

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