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Adding a calendar event

 Go to the Events tab on the VSM menu bar.

Click on the Calendar category under the tab.

Events Screenshot

Click on the Add Event button.

Add/Edit Event Screenshot

  1. Insert the title of your event.
  2. Select the category you want to add your event to by using the drop down arrow
  3. Include a description of your event.
  4. Use the drop down arrow to select the scheduled date and time for the start and end of your event. At the bottom of the Schedule Time section, indicate whether the event is either an all day event, occurs multiple days, or both by checking the boxes.
  5. Choose whether to repeat the event by using the drop down arrow. If you don't want the event to be repeated, select the 'No Repeat' category. Insert the date you want the repeat to end. (mm/dd/yyyy format as seen in photo above)
  6. Input the date you want the event to display and the date you want it to be removed.'

Scroll further down to see more settings.


Display Options Screenshot

  1. Choose which color you want your event to appear in. If you would like to receive reminders about your event, check the box below the color selection.
  2. You can choose to link your event to another page. You can find the page you want it linked to by using the drop down arrow in the 'Link to Page' bar. If you don't want your event linked to a page, you can insert the external link in the 'Link to External' bar.
  3. Lastly, if you would like your event to open a new window when being directed to the link, check the box.

Be sure to click the green Save Event button before exiting the page to ensure that all your changes and additions will update.

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