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How to edit custom links

Go to the Navigation tab on the VSM menu.

Select the Custom Links category under the tab.

Edit/Add Custom Links

A list of custom links will appear, showing the page, Id and destination information.

Page Id and Destination Information Screenshot

To edit your link, click the blue Edit button.

Add/Edit External Link

An Add/Edit External Link page will pop up. Fill out the following information

1. If you want to change the link name, click on the box under Link name and retitle your link.

2. To change the URL, click the box and enter the new URL

3. If you want to upload a navigation icon, click the corresponding box. A page will pop up, allowing you to upload photos or select already uploaded photos. This is optional.

4. The Open Window Box will open the link in another tab.

5. Be sure to click the green Save button at the end of the page to make sure your changes update.

The changes to your link will appear with the corresponding information under the Custom Links list.

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