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How to Add a YouTube or Vimeo Video to a Page

Adding a video to a page can greatly improve the time that a user spends on that page. To add a video in VSM, you will first need the embed code for that video.


Getting the Embed Code for YouTube:

Find the video that you want on YouTube. If it is one of your own videos, it can be found under "My Channel." Once you've found your video, follow these steps:

Embed Code Screenshot


Getting the Embed Code for Vimeo

Find the video that you want on Vimeo, and then follow these steps:


1. Click on the little airplane "Share" button on the video

Share Video Screenshot

2. In the window that opens, copy the embed code

Video Link and Share Screenshot


How to Put the Video on Your Website

Now that you have the embed code, go to VSM and edit the page/area that you want to put your video in. Once you are there, click on the "Insert" dropdown in the editor, and go down to the very bottom and click "Insert HTML":

Insert HTML Screenshot


In the window that opens, paste your code into the text box, and then click "Insert HTML":

Insert HTML text box Screenshot

Your video has now been inserted into your page/area!

video Page Screenshot

Save your page/area, and you are all done.

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