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Cart Reminder Service

The Cart Reminder Service will email a shopper regarding a stale shopping cart based if the cart was not completed within a 24 hour period OR within 75% of the time allocated for inventory release.  The shopper can be again notified 7 days later with a folllow up email.  If the shopper completes the order, no further notifications will be sent.

Since an email alert is being sent out, the shopper needs to be determined based upon their email.  The email for the shopper is determined in the following ways:

1. The shopper was sent a newsletter from VSM and their email is therefore tracked when they visit the website from a link in the newsletter.

2. The shopper logs into the ecommerce front facing portion of the website.

3. The shopper completes the check out page, yet fails to continue the ordering process.

The abandon cart email notifications can be managed from Ecommerce > Store > Edit Info (under settings), select the location and the email template to update.

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