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Gallery Management

Go to the Media tab on the VSM menu.

Select the Gallery category listed below it.

Gallery Screenshot

Find file you want to edit, and click the blue edit icon corresponding with that file. 

Gallery Management Screenshot

A page named Gallery Management will appear, allowing you to edit your image.

1. Title your image. You can retitle it or leave the name the same.

2. To upload a file, select the grey browse button. Choose the file from your device and click the blue upload button.

3. Determines the size of the thumbnail and what it will increase to. Partially dependent on the theme.

4. The large image size is the size of the thumbnail when it's clicked on, or displayed.

5. The message allows text to be displayed under the image. This is optional.

6. Choose which theme you want.

7. The Type allows you to choose how you want your gallery displayed.

8. The number of columns controls the number of columns displayed in the tile format.

9. Native Image restricts from resizing your image.

10. Auto crop will adjust the image automatically to fit the display (i.e. landscape, portait, etc.)

11. Lightbox allows for a better display. It fades out

12. Table output determines whether the output is html table structure or div.

13. The padding is the border around the image.

14. Reindex ensures that all images are added. Remove Broken images will delete any broken or corrupt images from your gallery.

15. Click Save Gallery Settings if you want to save the settings and either continue editing or manually exit out of the page. Click Save and Close to save your changes and immediately close the page.

Gallery Image Screenshot

If you scroll further down, you can see the images in your gallery.

1. Use the arrows to adjust the order of your images. You can also manually type in the number corresponding to the order you want them in by typing the number into the number box.

2. To edit the image (resize), click the blue edit icon.

3. If you want to delete an image, click the delete icon.

To Edit Images in Gallery Managment:

Gallery Title/Description Screenshot

After clicking on the blue editing icon, make the following edits to your image:

1. Title the image. If it's already titled you can edit it or leave it the same. (NOTE: if you add your gallery to a page, the title of the image will appear underneath it. If you title your thumbnail, this will appear directly underneath the thumbnail on your page)

2. Include the link for your image. Be sure to insert a full URL using http://

3. Include a description of your image if desired.

4. Click the green Update button to save your changes. Before exiting out of the page, click the green Save button to make sure your images update successfully.

Be sure to click the Save button at the end to ensure your changes are successful.

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