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Product Box Sizing

Box sizing allows VSM to properly calculate shipping based on the weight of your products.

To define box sizing for a product, edit the product you'd like to update under Ecom >> Category / Product:

Category Product Screenshot


Next, go to the Shipping tab:

Ecom Shipping Screenshot


We will be looking at the Shipping Attributes section:

Shipping Attributes Screenshot


The first three fields apply only to products that would be considered oversize. 

 Shipping Dimensions Screenshot

Only enter values into these fields if your product is considered oversize.

 Next, you must enter in a weight value in order for shipping to calculate on this product:

Shipping Weight Screenshot

This is the unpacked weight of your product--in other words, how much your product weighs before it is in the shipping box.

Next, we have "# in box", or the number of this product which can fit in your largest shipping box. 

 Shipping Number Screenshot


In order to determine this value, take the largest shipping box that you use, then fit as many of this product as will fit in the box.

  1. Grab your largest shipping box
  2. Determine how many of this product will fit in the box
  3. Enter this number into the "# in box" field

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