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How to edit custom links from Navigation page

In addition to editing custom links from the Custom Links category, you can also make changes through the Navigation page.

Under the Navigation tab on the VSM menu, go to Navigation. Select the Navigation category under the tab.

Begin by choosing a Navigation profile. Choose whichever your custom link is under.

Navigation Profile Search Screenshot

A list of profiles will appear. Scroll to find the custom link you want to edit.

Custom Link Profile Screenshot

All custom links are identified by the blue link icon in front of the profile name. They will also have a blue Edit link on the right hand side.

Click on the blue Edit link.

Add/Edit External Link Information Screenshot

1. To change the title, click on the box under Link Name and rename or edit the current title.

2. Change the URL by clicking on the box and entering a new URL or edit the existing one.

3. To select a Navigation Icon, click the blue Select button. This allows you to upload photos from your computer or select existing uploaded photos.

4. Click the Open New Window box if you want the link to be opened in another tab.

5. Once you have entered all the desired information, click the green Save button to ensure that your changes will update successfully.


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