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December 2016 News 

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope yours was a very Happy Thanksgiving, and we wish you A Very Merry Christmas! 


Announcing the launch of Aspire Consulting

Congratulations to Greg Kabacy and Heather Davis of Aspire Consulting on the launch of their new website!
Aspire Consulting manages and administers ABC Western Washington's Retro Program, which is arguably one of the best in the State. Efinitytech is very pleased to help them achieve their website objectives.

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Custom Efinitytech Design


 See more of our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

Greg & Heather were frustrated with their previous website and developer. They had asked for specific changes and were presented with inconsistent results. Additionally, their site was not mobile responsive. Finally, they did not have access to make updates to their content, which contributed to and exacerbated their frustration. In relatively short order, Efinitytech was able to provide them with a Custom Re-Design to their approval, along with a Mobile Responsive Framework as well as Fully Supported Content Management. Their new site conveys their messaging in an effective manner and is totally in their control!

In their words;

"Working with Efinitytech was easy and value added. They made the process of redesigning and implementing our new website intuitive and pain free. When I first started this project, since my line of work is not in technology, I was afraid that designing a new website would be time consuming and, frankly, over my head. Once I started working with Vaughan and his team, however, I realized that they were going to shoulder the technical load. They listened to our needs, got to know our business and never tried to oversell us. In the end, I’m proud of our website, and want people to see it. Aspire thanks Efinitytech for all of their hard work. Without their expertise, we would not have the professional looking website we currently have today."

Greg Kabacy
President & Founder 

About Mobile, Google and Your site Search rank!

Mobile Traffic has officially surpassed desktop access to the web worldwide!
Yup; over half of all web traffic in the world is from phones and tablets. You may read the reference article here.

And, just in case you have not made the leap to mobile responsive for your website, you are providing over half the world with an inferior website experience as well as materially diminishing your search visibility on mobile devices. But you knew that!

What is New: As of November 4th Google formally announced their primary search index will change over the next few months to base even their desktop results on the mobile version of your site! If your site is mobile responsive from Efinitytech, you are completely covered. 

Give us a call or email so we can help your site become mobile responsive!

About Windows 10 and Microsoft!

In this writer's experience after a very brief learning curve, the current version of Windows 10 is better, faster and easier to use than Windows 7 on the same 5 year old laptop. And, it is dramatically better than Windows 8! While Windows 7 is a very good operating system, it is not going to be supported indefinitely. Mainstream support has already been terminated and Security Updates will end in just over 2 years; as of Jan 14, 2020. As an aside; a brief excursion with Windows 8 which bricked printers and displays was so incredibly irritating and frustrating that an emergency reversion to Windows 7 was required until the arrival of Windows 10!

In early November, Microsoft released a security update for Windows that patches a vulnerability that Russian hackers have been found to exploit. Read more here. If you do not update your machine regularly; you should.

Best practice is to shut down your machine at the end of every day. Reboot at the start of your day and install any updates. This will ensure your machine is completely up to date, supported and it will greatly extend the life of your hardware as well as keep your Windows OS free of accumulated errors in the background!

Website Success: Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats
Custom Build A Boat Ecommerce System


Sam Bisset, Communications Director of Ranger Tugs & Cutwater Boats reports since the launches of their new sites that "Website Traffic is up 15% across the board and the Bounce Rate is down."  Sam has also told us that since we delivered their custom "Build A Boat" ecommerce functionality, customers show up at Boat Shows more knowledgeable and are "ready to buy"! 

 That is an incredible outcome for the impact of their new websites!

Contact us to see how Efinitytech's  Websites and Services can help your business!


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