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October 2016 News 

Fall 2016!

This is turning into a very busy Fall. We are happy to report the launch of several projects and the start of a good many more!


Olympian Precast Redesign with Projects Enhancement

Please join us in congratulating Clarke Jewell on the extensive redesign and redevelopment of Olyprecast.com.


Custom Efinitytech Design


 Projects Presentation 

Olympian Precast has been an Efinitytech Website Client for the better part of 10 years. Their site dated back to the beginning of 2007. As Clarke said; "it was time!". Most significantly we completely updated and redesigned the site and underlying code as well as enhancing the site with Database Driven Projects Presentation. As with all great projects, the active participation and quality content provided by the client makes the difference.

In their words;

"Olympian Precast has been a longtime customer of EfinityTech, lately we felt that our website design was out of date and a little tired looking so we approached Vaughan and the staff at EfinityTech to create a new look and feel for Olympian Precast that would better showcases our products and the nature of our custom manufacturing industry.  EfinityTech put together a competitive price to create a new look and layout. EfinityTech staff was knowledgeable and helpful creating the new media face of Olympian Precast and did a fantastic job of capturing our goals and helping us maximize the space and search optimization."

Thanks EfinityTech! 

Clarke Jewell, President
Mike Yore, Senior Project Manager
Olympian Precast, Inc 

See more of Efinitytech's portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

Website Form Submissions Saved in VSM!

About 3 or 4 times every year, a client contacts us concerned that they have not received email submissions from their website in some time. Fortunately; Efinitytech not only sends the submissions via email, we also save each submission as an individual Record stored in the Forms Section of your VSM Website Content Management System!

To view these submissions, simply log in to your VSM Account, Go to Forms > Submissions, and select the specific Form, then view the items. You can also export that list with all the information as a spreadsheet for your own use.






New Automated Form Reporting Option

For sites with very high numbers of submissions, or for those who want to independently monitor submission activity; we have the capability to setup a periodic, (daily, weekly or custom timeframe) report of submissions and can even include the automated export of a spreadsheet of those submissions. One of the busiest sites we host has over 300 requests per day and we have this custom enhancement in place which sends them a prepared spreadsheet every morning. This enables them to import that into their contact management system and assign the requests!

Contact us  to let us know what your needs are in this regard.


Joe's Glass Breaks Records!

Joe's Glass is an excellent example of the success which can be achieved with Efinitytech's website marketing and optimization, known as SEO and /or SEM.

Their organic website traffic is up 26% over last yearJoe reports that his overall business has increased over 25% since he has been working with Efinitytech. Much of that he attributes directly to the effectiveness of the website. Joe specifically noted that; "Rich has done an amazing job getting his relatively small company in the top 3 for his primary key phrases."  It is especially noteworthy that JoesGlassCo.com is among the 3 search results in the included Google Map display for location specific searches such as 'auto glass repair Everett'.


Contact us to see how Efinitytech's SEO/SEM Consulting can work for your business!

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Suite #128, Monroe, WA 98272