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September 2016 News 

The Summer of 2016!

We trust that you have been able to enjoy our incredible Northwest Summer! It is arguably the best summer weather in the country.

Efinitytech is anticipating a very busy Fall Season with many projects in the wings, so you may want to pull the trigger on your new project sooner than later, and beat the rush!

R. Gleason Finishing Website

Please join us in congratulating Bob McGowan and Tony Souther on their beautiful new website which artfully presents their exceptional work. At this time, they are also pleased to announce their move to a significantly larger facility; providing them with greater capacity.

gleason 1

Custom Efinitytech Design

gleason 2

Outstanding Projects & Presentation

We greatly enjoy working with Bob and Tony; learning about their business, designing, developing and producing a site consistent with their exceptional work.

In their words;

"Previously we had a failed website project that was up and running.  Efinitytech was recommended to us to build a new website from scratch.  Vaughan and his team were patient with us but also kept us on track.  We appreciated their professionalism throughout the process.  We now have the best website of any of our competitors and look forward to building it up even further with Efinitytech.  Thanks Guys!"

See more of Efinitytech's portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

Lost Website?

The "Wayback Machine" to the rescue! This year alone Efinitytech has resurrected two websites utilizing this service. There is no guarantee your site will be found on this archive, but it can be a web provider's lifesaver! Not only has it enabled us to rebuild designs of hacked websites; we have been able to recover images and a good deal of content from sites that are completely down. It always amazes us that there are website hosts that do not backup their client's websites, but we see this nearly every year! Just this month we were contacted by a Seattle firm whose site is down and whose host is unresponsive to their requests for a backup copy of their site and whose server is inaccessible. Their site is virtually complete in the Archive, enabling us to download the design and content. 

The www.archive.org site offers this service free of charge! They do provide an opportunity for you to donate to their service; which if you are a user or direct beneficiary, would be worthwhile to support.


Longacre Racing Website Sales Success!

Through better customer acquisition and retention, direct newsletter and social media marketing, in conjunction with the support of Efinitytech's SEM & consulting; Longacre Racing achieved year over year website sales increase of 33% for the three months, May, June & July of 2016 compared to 2015!

Contact us to see how Efinitytech's SEO/SEM Consulting can work for your business!

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