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Efinitytech August 2016 News


Featured Website

Please join us in congratulating Swans Trail Farms on their beautiful new website!


Website Redesign


Blog & Ecommerce

Swans Trail Farms is an idyllic outdoor wedding venue in Snohomish Washington. They have been clients of ours for over 10 years. This redesign and enhancement is an exciting development that presents them and their farm setting in a dramatic and excellent manner.

In their words;

"Great sitting down with you today! The new website looks phenomenal and you and Aaron have been great to work with."

See more of our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com 

Domains... More war stories!

1. DOMAINS For $1,400, $3,000, $7,000 Or Much More?

A longtime client and colleague of ours was recently surprised to find that the perfect domain he had previously looked up on GoDaddy was now available for the tidy sum of $1,400 instead of $15 or thereabouts. Why and how does this happen? We have written about this before; but it appears to be worth revisiting. 

There are two potential bad actors that come into play. Using a registration service to directly look up domains can be dangerous in two ways:

First; the service itself can subtly "reserve" this desirable domain for you with a default selected check box. This may seem like a good idea, but it is not! The registration service itself, may very well "reserve" this domain in case you would like to purchase it later; however that will typically cost you at least $700. 

Second; It is apparent that unscrupulous individuals "watch" searches on registrars and when they see a potentially desirable domain searched but not bought, they simply register the domain themselves and later, when you find the domain is not available, they will offer to sell it to you for Thousands of Dollars. $3,000 to $7,000 is not uncommon.

What not to do? Do not casually look up that perfect domain on registrars. And, never wait to purchase that perfect domain!

What to do? Make your list of desired domains and put it into rank order preference. Then with Credit Card at the ready, start looking on a reputable Domain Registrar and buy the first one you can and maybe more of the domains immediately!

Efinitytech can help you directly with this; as we are Domain Registrars and can consult with you on desirable domains for your purposes.



You may recall from previous newsletters that our exciting new client, VAP Construction had their old primary site summarily shut down by their previous host due to hacking of their WordPress. That would have been bad enough, but that is just the start of the story. More recently, their Domain Registrar, (the same service provider), casually shut down their secondary sites and email when Efinitytech cut over the Name Servers for VAP Construction.com!

You might ask why; well, until just recently VAP was circumstantially forced to rely upon their old provider for DNS and Domain Registration. Briefly; in this case, the next step after hosting the website in the transitioning of all services to Efinitytech, was to update the Name Servers to Efinitytech's.  Everything went smoothly, or so we all thought; but what their old provider neglected to tell VAP, was that when they updated the Name Servers for VAPConstruction.com, simultaneously, the Name Servers for their other three domains were also changed!

This "linked service" is the first such instance that we have seen in over 80 years collective experience with Domain Registration. The consequence of this unintended change which was not communicated to VAP, was their secondary websites and email immediately went down!

We were shocked to receive this news, and once again pressed into emergency recovery mode to resurrect their sites and email service. In the meantime, VAP contacted their old provider to fix this new problem and were charged a special setup fee to supposedly remedy this terrible service and amazingly an unwarranted Name Server update was initiated by said provider, which prevented us from quickly resurrecting the old sites!

We were dumbfounded by this move, which took two additional days to reverse and which caused a temporary outage of email on VAPConstruction.com. It also delayed our ability to host their other sites and support their email. The actual details of this process are so technical, and there are so many layers of errors and missteps on the part of their old provider, that it is impractical to tell the entire story!

Just when we thought it was safe.. after re-updating the Name Servers back to Efinitytech, we updated the account at their domain registrar to enable transfer of the domains; however once again we were thwarted by this provider. By now we expected nothing less than sabotage, which is what happened when we initiated the domain transfers. The transfers failed, because the old provider reverted the account update and therefore the approval emails were not received to enable the transfer to be approved! 

Finally, we again updated the account at the old provider and re-initiated the domain transfers and they were successfully approved and we restored the email service at those domains and we rebuilt and now host the secondary sites and at long last, the domain transfers actually occurred and the domains and email and websites are all running as they should be! 


Efinitytech -  Google Adwords Experts

Efinitytech has over 10 years of SEM experience. Two primary weapons in the website visibility competition are Organic Site Optimization and Paid Ad Campaigns. In Google's eyes Efinitytech is deemed to be an Agency. As such, we have a unique relationship with Google and we are able to avail ourselves of their support for evaluating Ad effectiveness and we can utilize Google to prepare a proposed Ad Campaign performance analysis. Beyond that, Google holds a quarterly review with us on our overall performance as an Agency. 

Compared to its Peers, Efinitytech ranks very favorably on Google's Assessment.


Contact us to see if a paid Google Ad Campaign should be part of your Digital Marketing Strategy


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