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June 2015 News: ShopJoyWorks, Domain Registrars, Mobile, SEO & Newsletters

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Please join us in congratulating Shop Joy Works on their outstanding Ecommerce Website!


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Domains, Registration & Expiration

Very recently a longtime client's site went down due to the expiration of his domain.  His domain registrar is Go Daddy. His email address was obsolete at the registrar. Our site monitoring utility alerted us the morning his site went down; we notified him within minutes via email and phone.

In a typical year, about two of our client's domains expire without warning. This year, we have already seen two and the year is not yet half over. The consequences of domain expiration are an immediate loss of email and website outage. In some circumstances, especially with the services some notorious registrars, renewing the domain can be a costly, difficult and lengthy process. In one particularly egregious situation, the rightful owner of the domain could not compel this registrar to renew the domain for months.

Beyond the obvious, immediate business disruption and loss of email, which is essentially unrecoverable; Google severely downgrades a site that is offline for any length of time. Overall a grave situation indeed!

How can you protect yourself against this all too common disaster scenario? 

An excellent way to avoid this disaster is to is to use Efinitytech's domain registration service. For accounts in good standing; we contact you and ask for how long you would like your domain renewed ahead of time.

The practices of virtually every other registrar are not so client centric. If the registrant email is not current, or if the renewal notice is ignored, even if the domain is set to auto renew; it will often expire, as almost always the credit card will have changed.  In this common scenario, the domain simply expires without warning. The resulting chaos, loss of business, drastic loss of google rank and email is a real disaster.

Contact us at: Sales@efinitytech.com to find out about utilizing our Domain Registration Services.

The Google Mobile Saga Unfolds...

Researchers in the field are reporting the consequences of not being Fully Mobile 

As reported by Glenn Gabe on April 23, 2015 See full Article

Specifically; Potterybarnkids.com goes from #5 on desktop searches to #11 on phone searches. Going from Page 1 to page 2 on Google is a catastrophic impact!

Our Own Clients: Prominent clients of ours have more than 50% of their site traffic coming from phones and tablets. Imagine the impact of dropping an entire page of visibility on Google. The data on this was leaked years ago and the drop in traffic is exponential from one page to another. The impact would easily be a drop of 50 to 75% from the mobile. If 1/2 of the search generated traffic comes from mobile, as is the case for these prominent clients, the overall drop in traffic could easily be 25 to 40%!

SEO - Newsletters, Website traffic & Increased Business

Connecting the Dots...

Start by sending a newsletter to your subscriber list with useful and interesting information. Within your newsletter ensure there is a call to action towards more information on your website or a method to contact you and /or to take advantage of an offer. By directing the newsletter recipients to your website for more information, you directly increase traffic. Google; "the information sponge", will detect this additional traffic and potentially increase your ranking signal. Subsequently, increased visibility on searches will increase traffic.This positive feedback loop generates continuing growth in your website traffic. Along the way, your primary objective of increasing your business is achieved through the enticing calls to action which will drive customers to engage in business with you.

Contact us to see how Efinitytech's Integrated Newsletters can benefit your website!

And, if you need help with your site or newsletter, contact us for a site update or SEO and Newsletter preparation!

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