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VSM ALERT - IE 9 Compatibility Issue:

Recent updates to IE9 render it non functional for some functions in VSM. Please use Firefox, Chrome or IE 10 for VSM.

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Gallery Tool Enhancement

As you may know, Efinitytech continuously evolves and enhances VSM for your benefit!
This month we are extremely pleased to present our enhanced Gallery Builder and Management Tool. This is a part of our greater commitment to provide the best combination of website design, development, hosting, support and content management in the industry.

Now Image Gallery Building and Management is more intuitive and simpler to use!


Is your Site Live?

On any given day, unknown to you, your website may become unavailable.  The two major reasons for this, in our experience are: 1. Your domain expires, 2. Someone unpublishes your homepage. In either case, your site can go down and you may not know for some time.

We recommend and use Pingdom, which works well. Pingdom checks your site every few minutes and notifies you via email if your site goes down.

Efinitytech makes a concerted effort to ensure that all of our client sites are live and running, however we do not have the ability to check them individually on a minute to minute basis.

SEO: Organic vs Paid

Organic Website Optimization is durable and has no limit and no cost on the number of "clicks".  It is time consuming and best results are achieved with ongoing consulting and monitoring and reporting.

Paid Website Marketing Campaigns are fast and can be effective. However not all searchers are willing to click on paid results. There is also the bit that every click on your paid ad rings the cash register. And you probably would want your ad to be among the top three on the first page of Google. It used to be that one could just bid up the price and gain top position. Now, it takes a bit more than that, as Google reserves those highly coveted positions for sites that have high quality scores for content, relevance, timeliness, etc.

The bottom line is that the fundamentals of good quality, extensive, specific, relevant, and up to date content, with a site that renders quickly, is mobile adaptive and is well coded is necessary for both an effective Organic presence and for the best Paid Campaigns!  Over half of our SEO Clients have suspended their Paid Campaigns in favor of enhancing their organic site development with improved outcomes!

Contact us for help with SEO and bring you success through your website.

Legal Matters

Are competitors using your brand in their Advertising?

We are pleased to present: Lucas S. Michels, Attorney, Ironmark Law Group, PLLC 

The Ironmark Law Group has helped a number of our clients with good results.  The following Article may prove useful to you.

As Internet advertising becomes the primary channel for promoting goods and services, businesses increasingly encounter the copying (aka the infringement) of their brands in competitors’ online ads. This unauthorized use of trademark-protected company and brand names in online ads is used (knowingly or innocently) to divert business and increase the recognition of a competitor’s goods and services. This is trademark infringement. It is unlawful. The question is what can an average business owner do about it?

VSM 8 - What is that?

Like Microsoft our next version of VSM is VSM 8. The development of this version will involve you, our clients!  If you have input, feedback and or would like to participate in the development of the next generation of VSM, please let us know.

Contact us at 360-805-8483, or email: sales@efinitytech.com

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