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MAY 2013 News

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Website Spotlight - Corstone LLC





Corstone LLC - www.corstonellc.com

  • Modern, Clean Custom Design
  • Dynamic Project Display
  • User Updated Content
  • Built with VSM Content Management

See more of our portfolio at: www.efinitytech.com

ecommerce Update

We are always increasing functionality within the VSM content management system. Recently we added Title Tags to the ecommerce system which pulls the actual product or category name into the URL. This is a welcome enhancement for SEO focused customers, and will benefit all our ecommerce websites.

Webmail - internet explorer

When accessing our webmail at email.efinitytech.com please use either Chrome or Firefox as certain older versions of Internet Explorer are having trouble.

SEo corner - how to build good title tags

According to a recent study, it was found that Google will index only the first 12 words of your title tag. This is very important to remember when labeling your pages, and will help ensure your title tags follow Google guidelines.

Additionally Google will only index title tag content before a pipe or ( | ). Once the pipe shows up in the title, Google considers this the end of the title tag. For example, the correct way to write the title tag would be (Efinity Technologies - Website Development) vs (Efinity Technologies | Website Development).

To see how we can help you with your SEO contact us at 360-805-8483, or email us.

true google ranking

When searching for your rank on Google it's important to use private browsing mode within your browser. Google will keep track of your past search habits and deliver results that seem more "relevant" to you. Using private browsing mode will ensure your ranking is accurate and not influenced by your past searching habits.

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