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Adding a group member

Adding a group member is different than importing a group member.

When you import a group member, you are importing information previously filled out in excel.

When you add a group member, you are filling out the information manually into the VSM system.

To add a group member, begin by going to the Groups tab under the VSM menu.

Go to the Group Manager category under the tab (it is the first one).

There are two ways to approach adding a member.

1st Way:

Group Manager Adding Group Member Screenshot

At the top of the Group Manager page, select the +Member at the top of the page. This will immediately take you to the New Member page. You will fill out information to add your new member.

2nd Way:

Group Username Screenshot

Under the Group Manager page, go to the group listed below. Once you find the correct group, select the blue members icon corresponding with that group.

Add Group Member Screenshot

You will be able to see the members listed within that group. Click the +Member in the top right hand corner of the page. This will take you to the same New Member page.

When adding a member directly from a group, you are adding them into that group. When adding from the Group Manager page, you will need to manually select the group for the member to be added in.

New Member Account Screenshot

1. Enter the username for your new member.

2. Create a password.

3. By checking the Force Password Reset button, the new member will receive a password through their email. Once they log in, they will need to change their password.

4. The access is a reference code auto generated by the system.

5. Label the expiration for this member. If you don't want an expiration, leave the box blank.

Next, go to the Groups tab at the top of the page.

New Member Groups Screenshot

Scroll through the groups and select which one you want your member to be in.

If you created a member within a group, the group will be pre selected.

Once you have chosen the group, click the green Save button. 

Go to the Contact tab at the top of the page.

New Member Contact Screenshot

Under this tab, you will fill out all personal contact information about the user. The internal name is used if connecting to a third party software (to quickbooks or internal reference).

Once you have filled in all the information, click the green Save button.

Go to the Ecommerce tab.

New Memper Ecommerce Screenshot

Fill out the shipping options.

1. If you are using purchase orders, select 'Yes'.

2. Select the PO terms by using the drop down arrow.

3. Determine customer shipping.

4. Enter the shipping account number specific to this member. This will use their account number rather than yours. This is optional.

5. The No Tax box will not asses any taxes for the member.

6. The shipping address box is pre checked. This means that the user can add a shipping address when they checkout.

This is the final tab to fill out. You cannot add anything to files, forumes, or custom fields until the member is added completely.

Click the green Save and Close button to save your changes and close the page.

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