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How to create groups

Select the 'groups' category under 'Newsletters'.

In the top right corner, select the 'add news group' button.

Newsletter Group Manager Screenshot


Fill in the information on the 'Add/Edit Group' pop-up page.

Edit Group Screenshot


1. Title the name of your group.

2. Include a description with information about the group.

3. Under 'User Group', select who the group is available to.

4. Choose the parent for your group.

5. Sort Priority of the group. Higher priority items appear first on the site.

6. Click 'do not track subscribers' if you don't want them to be included in your open results.

7. Click 'display' if you want the subscriber to be able to sign up under that group when they subscribe to the newsletter.

8. Check 'Ecommerce Display' if you want the group to be selectable when they sign up for a newsletter.

9. The 'Group Registration Display' determines if a user visitng the site can sign up for a newsletter when registering. Check the box for the news group to show on the registration form when a user is registering.

Once all details are included, select the green 'save' button.

Your group will appear under the Newsletter Group Manager and show the additional information seen at the top of the listed groups.

Newsletter Group Manager Information Screenshot

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