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Google Ad Specialist Joins Efinitytech!

By Efinitytech / 8.2.2019 / SEO

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Cordell Rudolph to our team!
With the growth of our clients utilizing Google Ads in their SEO/SEM, we have found that an experienced specialist in this area is crucial to the best Ad performance.

Cordell has been working with us as a contractor for over two months and has contributed to material improvements in Google Ads for two clients. Based upon this experience, Cordell let us know that he wanted to expand his relationship with us and we concur!

With Cordell's considerable experience and expertise, our ability to serve this key aspect of website marketing is greatly increased.

If you have, or are considering Google Ads as part of your Website Marketing, Contact Us for a consultation and proposal to setup, manage, and/or optimize Google Ads for your Business!