Nolan Picini

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Programmer / Web Developer

About Nolan

Nolan was born and raised in Washington state, where he was homeschooled and worked on-and-off for his father’s business. In his early teens, Nolan developed a curiosity for how the web worked, and was often found tinkering with HTML and CSS on his Compaq laptop. In the summer of 2013, Nolan was offered an internship at EfinityTech, which he jumped into. After a year of training and contracting with Efinity, he was hired on full-time as a Web Developer.

Some of Nolan’s primary roles at Efinity include building web apps and working on Efinity’s CMS. Alongside his work at Efinity, he is currently pursuing several certificates in front-end web development and enjoys continuing education. Javascript, to the dismay of some, is his favorite language.

Nolan’s hobbies/interests include trying to make the perfect pour-over cup of coffee (hasn’t happened yet), amassing large amounts of books and then reading through them slower than he can keep up with, hiking the PNW, picking apart movies with friends, and being involved at his church.

Photo taken at & with appreciation to the Historic Flight Foundation.