Newsletters are a fundamental tool for keeping in touch with your customers and clients.

Newsletters are also the most effective and lowest cost marketing tool available to you. If you are not sending them to your customers and contacts on a regular basis, contact us today to start!

Our customers agree:

"Sending out a monthly newsletter was a great idea Efinitytech suggested I do! I had tried to publish this on my own for a couple of months. First, when I tried to include all my clients email addresses in the “send to” column, I think most went into their spam folders! Secondly, I tried to individually send out the newsletter to each client. That took some time!!!

Now I create a quick Word doc, send it off to Efinitytech and voilà my newsletter is published and received in my client’s mailbox. How do I know this? I now get responses to my newsletter! Bringing in more business through repeat customers and referrals is easy with my newsletters.

Thank you Efinitytech for your great suggestions!!!

Mary Peterson
NW Outdoor Lighting"

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