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Programming Intern

About Kyle

Kyle was Born in Okinawa, Japan where he spent his first 10 months with his mother’s side of the family before flying over to Washington state and settling in Monroe, Washington. He enrolled into Sky Valley Education Center’s (SVEC) STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) during middle school. During this time, Kyle gained a knack for Python coding, and started working with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis in his free time. He later enrolled into the middle school robotics team, which led him to also join the high-school VEX robotics team at SVEC, where he got to work with RobotC coding. Kyle had also joined the school's Model United Nations program (MUN) which is a program that allows students to gather from different schools to impersonate delegates in the United Nations and represent countries in a mock environment. Additionally, Kyle began studying Japanese in to be more able to communicate with his mother's side of his family.

Currently, Kyle is enrolled in Cascadia Community College’s Running Start program through SVEC as a senior in high-school. He plans to acquire an associate degree at the end of senior year. Afterwards, he is aiming to enroll into the University of Washington’s Bothell Computer Science & Software Engineering program.

Kyle has always found himself performing a wide range of hobbies such as longboarding, snowboarding, and hiking in the beautiful Washington scenery. And more nerdy things such as photo-editing, electronic tinkering, video gaming, and Dungeons & Dragons with friends. Anything that would fall under the “geek” category, Kyle has likely done before.

Photo taken at & with appreciation to the Historic Flight Foundation.