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SEO Account Manager

About Jared

Born in Washington D.C. and lived there half his childhood; then moved to Illinois when he was 10 and was surrounded by corn. He was a performing artist throughout his college career and even wanted to go to Broadway. After High School he became more practical and began to study Philosophy and Theology, which of course turned out to be not much more practical. He received his  Bachelor's of Arts from North Park University in Chicago. During his college years,  he was very involved in the community doing volunteer work and occasionally going abroad for mission trips. To get by during this time he worked in the hospitality industry. After that he graduated and transitioned into customer service. He is excited to begin working in this growing field of SEO and has been loving every minute. 

He is a history nerd. He will watch documentaries all day and he is not ashamed of it. However, he would interrupt a string of documentaries to watch Star Wars (originals only) in a heartbeat. He mostly likes to spend time with his wife and use his free time to visit different cities in the area finding new places to eat and take pictures. 

His primary focus is working with SEO clients. He works to create strategies that improve their websites and increase visibility on search engines. He generates reports based on analytics of traffic, keywords, and goals to come up with new opportunities to increase conversions.

Photo taken at & with appreciation to the Historic Flight Foundation.