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About Dylan

Dylan was born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington and always had an interest in computer science. At age 11 he took his first computer programming course and immediately fell in love with software engineering. Every year since he has joined a computer science course and has always enjoyed coding as a hobby. He is currently enrolled at Cascadia College as a student in the Running Start program where he will earn his associates degree while also becoming qualified to transfer to the University of Washington shortly afterwards. From here he plans to graduate with a four-year degree through the Computer Science & Software Engineering program.

Dylan has always been fascinated by technology from a young age, meaning most of his hobbies revolve around something technology-related. Often, he finds himself building computers for friends and family, and when he is not working on the hardware side of things he finds himself attempting coding challenges or adding new features to his favorite video games. When he is not working on his computer, his other hobbies include photography, photo and video editing, 3d modelling and 3d printing.

Photo taken at & with appreciation to the Historic Flight Foundation.