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Digital Marketing Specialist

About Cordell

Cordell was moved to Seattle WA in 2006 where he attended Lake Washington High School. When he graduated in 2008, he became interested in digital marketing. He would spend hours at Barnes and Noble reading anything he could get his hands on about email marketing, landing pages, social media, and web site design. He discovered that the HTML websites he would design as a kid weren’t enough to make any money and that he needed to update his skills tremendously.

His first foray into digital marketing as a career was a few years later doing cold call sales. Calling eCommerce companies and asking if they have ever gone over “Google’s Guidelines”. Let’s just say it wasn’t his cup of tea. He didn’t feel like he was helping people. However, he knew he could help people drive traffic to their business if he could figure out how to use paid traffic. He went to read more books but soon learned that the books weren’t up to date and he needed current information. So, he started buying courses on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Search Engine Optimization. Learning as much as he could on how to get traffic to a webpage using paid marketing methods.

Eventually, that landed him a job working at a marketing agency where they took his knowledge to the next level. They handed him accounts with thousands of dollars in ad spend and permission to implement new ideas. Under their guidance, he learned the nuances of paid search. Learning totally new skills like how to use excel to give data meaning which sparked his interest in data science.

Cordell loves working in digital marketing and is now pursuing his degree in Data Analytics at Bellevue college.