Our Mission

Our mission at Efinity Technologies is to provide our clients with the best possible value and service consistent with Christian values and ethics. We devote the time and effort necessary to develop lasting relationships with our customers. At Efinitytech we recognize that our clients' success reflects our own.

Our History

Efinity Technologies was founded January of 1998 in the greater Seattle area by Mark DeLong and Paul Myers. Originally called DM Graphics, the company's focus at the time was graphic and website design.  As the company grew and expanded the focus shifted to include programming services.  In August of 2000 the company incorporated and became Efinity Technologies, with a focus on custom website design, e-commerce solutions, and custom programmed web applications.

Growth was dramatic until the downturn and "dot bomb" hit in 2001.  Weathering the storm, EfinityTech continued to provide e-commerce and website development during the lean years of the internet and saw the need to provide a better solution for clients. The result was Efinitytech's virtual site management system, or VSM, a collaboration of Vaughan Seifert and Mark DeLong. This content management system coupled with Efinitytech's established clients and website development process has become the core product and focus of the company. Expanding on that focus we have grown to include search engine optimization services, mobile website designs, application development, and expanded hosting services.

Efinity Technologies has experienced significant change over the years and has met the challenges while not losing focus of what makes us great; our clients.  Recently we have moved to new offices east of Seattle in Monroe, WA, to better facilitate our operations. Efinity Technologies continues to grow; providing dynamic website designs for established and startup businesses all managed within our complete content management system. Please view more of our work in our portfolio.